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Catering to the Whole Child 

We  believe that the key to a successful learning partnership is appreciating the special gifts of each child. It's our goal to identify the learning strengths in your child and use those strengths to bring the challenges forward.  We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box, adapt techniques for individuals, and make learning more enchanting and fun!


Using a Full Toolbox

We are trained to use many proven multi-sensory language and literacy intervention programs. Our Instructional plans include methods adapted from published programs and uniquely crafted strategies designed to meet the individual needs of a child. We are progressive teachers who value the power of structured teaching and personal connection. 



Fostering Confidence in the Child


Literacy does not come naturally to anyone, it must be taught and practiced to be learned. We believe that bringing this fact to light is an essential element in recovering a child's confidence in learning.  We teach children and families that our different minds are unique and wonderful parts of our human diversity. Different minds need different approaches.  



... And a Love of Reading and Writing

We teach not just how to read and write, but why we read and write. Books can transport us, become our friends, stretch our minds and enrich our lives. The written word connects us, enchants us and keeps us company.  We guide children toward literacy experiences that appeal to individual interests. 


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