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Our Approach

We take a child-centered, not a program-centered approach. We believe that everyone learns a little differently, so we specialize in crafting instructional plans to help the individual child. To do this, we draw from our education, teaching experience, and knowledge of many different reading and writing programs. No matter what approach we try, the child is always at the center of our instructional decisions. 

We consider ourselves to be progressive educators who use structured teaching to meet the individual’s needs. We believe that multi-sensory reading intervention programs are most effective when a child’s strengths are engaged. We also know that children have a better learning experience when they understand and feel confident with their own minds and thinking processes. We take pride in making learning less scary, more interesting and more fun!

As parents ourselves, we value the impact of sensitive, organized, and skilled teaching. We expect as much from ourselves as we do from our own children's teachers. We take great pride in our ability to think outside the box so we can meet learners exactly at the right place to allow reading and writing to grow. 


Literacy Intervention Sessions 
Marylen works with reading and writing students of all ages
in 1-1 sessions at the Learning Studio and remotely, when appropriate.


Parent Training and Education
Remote consultations are offered for parents who are seeking advice and clarity. Consultations are 90 minutes.  

Teacher Training 

Marylen offers bespoke workshops for small groups of educators interested in learning how to implement child-centered phonics instruction.  If you would like to work with Marylen to create a workshop for your group please reach out! Fees are based on individual course design. 


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